Development Using Your Specifications

Acaplast designs and develops technical rubber, plastic and LSR parts

Acaplast takes a dual approach: build-to-print or build-to-spec, following the expectations and needs of our customers.  Benefit from our in-house expertise, as our engineers use their skill and know-how to develop tailor-made solutions, particularly appreciated by our automotive customers. We look after the design process and ensure quality control during production, optimizing costs and offering manufacturing options close to our clients.  Acaplast is proud to be your partner of choice for co-creation and innovation.

In-depth knowledge of client business requirements and market trends
Studies: Prototyping service
DFM: Design for Manufacture

Build to Print approach

  • Industrialization and production according to spec and 3D models
  • Sourcing suppliers for complete sub-assembly
  • Production in Euro-Med locations according to your needs

Build to Spec approach

  • Design and co-development of parts based on functional or aesthetic requirements 
  • Rubber compound recommendations and tailor-made formulation by Acaplast Compound
  • Innovation for bi-material or overmolding improvements


The mastery of our trade through experience acquired over the years allows us to meet multiple demands in terms of design, materials and process.

Our team has hands on experience and is quick to respond to the needs of our customers to support them with technical solutons that get their development projects completed on time and in budget. Our proposed solutions conform to all tools, standards and industry norms in the automotive sector. We are always prepared to support our customers.


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